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Mega VNN (ADSL) is high-speed Internet access supplied by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), basing on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

With strengths of high-speed Internet connection and many flexible packages, Mega VNN (ADSL) service always meets the high and diversified demand of customers.

Classification of customers:

  • Mega VNN (ADSL) has many packages with different connecting speeds, which satisfy the diversified demand of customers:
  • Customers are individual and household: can choose Mega Basic, Mega Easy, Mega Family packages. These packages will give customers the opportunity to access and use Internet with very low cost and stable access speed.
  • Customers are enterprises : can chooseMega Extra, Mega Maxi +, Mega Pro, Mega Dreaming packages. These packages will meet the demand of large information exchange, business transaction in country and over the world in the best way.
  • Customers are public Internet and Game: can choose Mega Maxi, Mega For Game packages. This solution is the most effective for business on Internet services at Internet Cafe, public Internet and online Games places, etc.

Benefits of customers:

  • Accessing high-speed internet with low cost, make Internet become popular with users.
  • Connecting Internet while using Fax/Telephone.
  • Ease of use, no dialing, no local telephone fee.
  • Rate is calculated by using capacity, avoiding charge being connected but not used.
  • Supplying diversified packages of connection speed, satisfying the different demands of use.
  • Because of high-speed and stable connection, customers can use Internet on applications which are difficult to use by dialing modem as Video/ Music online, Video conference, download large size files, ect.
  • Free e-mail address when registering Mega VNN (ADSL).

Main applications of Mega VNN (ADSL):

  • LAN/WAN connection.
  • Phone calls via Internet.
  • Distance training and education: Customer can attend distance training courses which are hold by famous universities over the world, or access to online electronic libraries faster.
  • Customers can access to websites with high quality designs, flash, music, dynamic images, etc.
  • Customer can listen and watch online the music, news, films, etc. from over the world, download and upload more quickly.
  • Video conference via network: combining with webcam, Mega VNN (ADSL) helps customer converse with friends, relatives or business partners via Internet with high quality of sound and images.
  • Play multiplayer games on Internet with others over the world: Mega VNN (ADSL) allows fast network games, makes it quicker and more interesting.

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