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FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home)

FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) is a broadband telecommunications network using optical cable to connect from service provider to customers to provide high speed services such as telephone, Internet speed elevation and TV.

The difference between FTTH and ADSL access is FTTH speeds many times faster than ADSL speeds (about 66 times the DSL standard), upload speeds and download the same, while ADSL upload speed is always less than download speed.

Advantages of FTTH:

  • Large distance: Suitable for subscribers of telecommunications development.
  • Broadband: It can run well all the requirements and application modernization.

Benefits of customers:

  • The quality of signal transmission: Persistence and stability. No signal attenuation by electromagnetic interference, weather or length of cable.
  • High security: Almost no signal can be stolen on the line.
  • Performance applications with the following services: private Server Hosting, VPN, Data, Online Game, IPTV, VoD, Video Conferrence, IP Camera ... with the advantage of bandwidth data transfer, can upgrade to broadband up to 1Gbps, data security, high stability, not affected by electrical noise, magnetic field ...

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