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Leased line VNN

Leased line VNN/ Internet is synchronous, high speed internet access service. Customer will be provided a leased line connecting from customer site to VDC’s POP to go to Internet. Basing on the customer’s demand, VDC can provide bandwidth that vary from 64Kbps to 10 Gbps.

With the characteristics such as: security, stability, well support for applications, VNN leased line Internet is absolutely suitable to customers like: Enterprises, government’s organizations who need a leased line Internet that is security, stability, high speed and dedicated bandwidth.

Beside that, Customers are also provided static IP that can access from every where on global Internet.

A completely new experience with VNN leased line Internet, when using it you will find:

  • Unlimited Speed: Connect to Internet beyond the copper or optical transmission line with speed range from 64 Kbps to ten Gbps.
  • Separation and direction: Directly connect to national Internet port by physical dedicated line without any delay or congestion.
  • Stability: With synchronous technology for both upload and download speed, VNN Leased line Internet will help you connect to internet continuously and stability 24/24.
  • Security: The physical dedicated line will help you decrease the attacks and penetration to your network via Internet.
  • Multi Aplications: Static IP range, high speed and stable transmission line will help customer to implement value address applications in real time such as: Proxy Server, Website Server, E-Mail Server, VPN, Video Conferencing, IP Phone…
  • Flexibility in Domestic and International Bandwidth: Besides connecting to Internet port as committed, customer can access to Domestic Internet with any speed, up to customer’s demand. 

This is special advantage that only VDC can provide.

Choosing VNN Leased line Internet, you will archive following benefits:

  • Utilize a good infrastructure, with worldwide Network that is particular for VDC
  • Backbone network with bandwidth of 3x7.5 Gbps North-Centre-South
  • Highest international bandwidth among ISP in Viet Nam with 34,5 Gbps
  • IP-VPN network has 1 Gbps International bandwidth
  • 50 Gbps IX with ISP
  • Internet POP located at 63/63 provinces
  • More than 20 GPS International partners
  • Nx 155Mbps Connection bandwidth from all 63 POPs to PE router
  • The only ISP who implement buried cables
  • Designed basing on the NGN technology
  • Varieties of International Connection directions
  • Credible partners all over the world
  • Using service of a credible ISP, top rank in Viet Nam with 3 Vietnam ICT Awards 2008
  • Best ISP
  • Best customer care service
  • ISP with the highest speed of subscriber growth

Consult to choose optimal solutions that is most suitable from top network and Internet experts in Viet Nam

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