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VNPT-CA is the certificate authentication service of VNPT. VNPT becomes the first provider of digital signature authentication for companies, organizations and individuals to use in public activities include:

  • Certificate authentication for agencies, organizations and individuals;
  • SSL certificate authentication (for Web site);
  • Certificate authentication for CodeSigning (for applications).

Scope of supply: National
Some concepts:
Digital Signature:

  • Digital signature is a form of electronic signature
  • Digital signature base on public key encryption (RSA): each user must have a pair of key (keypair) including public key and private key.
  • Private key: Used to generate digital signature.
  • Public key: Used to verify digital signature -> authentication that creates digital signature

Certificate authentication:

  • Certificate authentication is a form of electronic certificate.
  • Certificate authentication can be viewed as an "identity card" used in computer and Internet environment.
  • Certificate authentication is used to identify an individual, a server, or some other object and associated object identifiers with a public key.
  • Certificate authentication generated by the certification service provider, which contains the user's publickey and the information of the user X.509 standard.

  • "Private key" is a pair of keys locked in the system of asymmetric cryptography, is used to generate digital signatures.
  • "Public key" is a pair of keys locked in the system of asymmetric cryptography, is used to verify digital signature generated by the corresponding private key in the key pair.
  • "Document Signning" is putting private key on a software program to automatically create and add digital signatures to data messages
  • "Signer" is the subscriber using his private key to sign digital signatures to data messages under his name
  • VNPT-CA is a suitable option for administrative and professional subjects, businesses in electronic transactions:

  • Ministry of Finance: Electronic tax declaration (E-Tax), customs electronic (e-custom), Securities
  • General Department of Taxation: System "Filing tax returns through the Internet" and the system of electronic customs declaration in the period 2009 to 2010.
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade: E-Certificate of Origin
  • Ministry of Science and Technology: E-Intellectual Property
  • Ministry of Planning and Investment: E-procurement
  • The State bank of Vietnam: E-banking
  • Application in online transactions: Trading e-mail, video conferencing and remote work with MegaE-Meeting.

Some common applications of the Public digital signature:

Electronic Commerce:

  • Authenticating transaction participants, confirming the security of electronic transactions via the Internet
  • Authenticating the integrity of contracts and documents ....
  • Internet banking

Electronic Customs Clearance
Electronic tax
Stock Exchange

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