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Historic Milestones


- On April 29, 1995 the Prime Minister issued Decision 294/TTg to establish the Vietnam Posts and  Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT).

- On August 24, 1996, Vietnam had over one million fxed phone subscribers and became one of the 60 countries in the world with a telephone network of more than one million subscribers and ranked second in the region in the growth rate of its t e l e p h o n e network.
- The mobile n e t w o r k V i n a P h o n e became operational on June 26, 1996. It was the second GSM mobile network of VNPT besides MobiFone network operated by the Vietnam Mobile Telecom Service Company (VMS), a member company of VNPT. By the end of 1996, MobiFone had nearly 50,000 subscribers while VinaPhone had around 6,500 subscribers.

- On November 19, 1997, Vietnam was officially connected with the international Internet network and as of December 1,1997, VNPT  officially provided Internet services to Vietnamese users. The Vietnam Data-Communications Company (VDC) – a VNPT’s subsidiary was the only
Internet Access Provider (IAP) and one of the first four Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Vietnam at that time.
- On October 8, 1997, the fixed telephone network of Vietnam reached 1.5 million lines at the rate of two lines per 100 i n h a b i t a n t s . Vietnam became the 33rd country with at least 1.5 million phone subscribers, ranking second worldwide in telephone network development.

- The initiative to develop communal P&T and Cultural Points (which were planned to bring postal and telecommunications services as well as cultural and social information to people in rural, mountainous and remote areas) signicantly contributed to the socio-economic development of remote and mountainous regions in Vietnam. In the first year of implementing this initiative, the number of Communal P&T and Cultural Points was 2,000.

- VNPT established three new member companies, the Post Finance Company (PTFinance), the Post Insurance Joint Stock Company (PTI) and the Vietnam Postal Savings Service Company (VPSC).

- With VNPT’s efforts, Vietnam continued to be praised by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as one of the ten nations which had the fastest telecommunications growth rate in the world.

- The group proliferated basic postal and telecommunications services in nearly 90 percent of communes in Vietnam with more than 3,000 service points and over 5,000 Communal P&T and Cultural Points throughout the country.

- VNPT hooked up an additional 1,267,000 fixed phone subscribers and thus increased the teledensity to 7:100. Up to 91 percent of communes had access to the fixed phone network and nearly 6,000 Communal P&T and Cultural Points were put into operation in that year.

- VNPT’s  fixed telephone network exceeded 7 million lines (8 lines per 100 inhabitants).  Some 93 percent of communes had access to the fixed telephone network.

- Vietnam Post was re-elected as a member of the Council of Administration of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

- VNPT successfully implemented NGN network and launched new NGN – based services.
- In 2005, the Prime Minister assigned VNPT to perform the project on launching the first telecommunications satellite of Vietnam or VINASAT-1.
- VNPT proliferated telephone services in 100 percent of the communes in Vietnam. It earned a total revenue of VND33,352 billion.

- On January 9, 2006, the Prime Minister signed the Decision No. 06/2006/QD-TTg on the establishment of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (the parent company), on the basis of restructuring the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT).
- On September 21, 2006, VNPT announced the VNPT brand development strategy . This event was also a strong commitment of VNPT to improve service quality as well as customer care  activities.
- VNPT joined the ATH/ Acasia, a large telecom organization of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and established a joint venture to produce copper cable in Laos. 
- In 2006 the group generated the turnover of VND39,759 billion.

- On May 2, 2007, VNPT o_cially set up a branch office in San Francisco, U.S.A.
- VNPT finalized the Wimax trial, started to build 3G network and trial 3G services.
- In December 2007, VNPT established the Postal Corporation.
- VNPT became a strategic partner of many leading economic groups in Vietnam.
- The group’s turnover was VND 45,593 billion in 2007.

- VNPT’s VINASAT - 1 satellite was launched into the orbit in April, 2008.
- The group’s turnover was VND55,466 billion 1995

- In October 12, 2009, VinaPhone under VNPT becomes the first operator providing 3G services in Vietnam. VNPT became the pioneer in providing 3G services.
- VNPT Week was held for the first time. VNPT Week was cordinated by VNPT`s members nationwide. From now on, this event will be held annually.

- On the 20th January, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group ( VNPT) honored to receive the Labor Hero Award from the State for the significant business achievements during 1999-2008 contributing to the national development.
- VINASAT-2 project which hosted by VNPT has been approved by the Government Prime Minister. On 11th May 2010 Lockheed Martin Commercial Space System (USA) has signed the bidding package with VNPT.
- In March 2011, VNPT succeeded in completion of a next-generation 100 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) network trial on backbone network, representing the first use of coherent 100G technology in Vietnam.
- In June 2011, the Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT) was awarded int’l prize in broadband Internet - the Changing Lives Award - for its “Broadband Garden” project. The award is a recognition of VNPT’s efforts to develop broadband networks, especially those serving Vietnam’s remote areas.
- VMS - Mobifone and Central Post Office awarded the title of Labor Hero in the period of renovation. In 2011, VMS - Mobifone and Central -Post Office, two members of VNPT, were honorably rewarded the title of Labor Hero in the innovation period by the State. 
In 2012

- In May 16th, 2012, Vietnam’s second telecom satellite, Vinasat-2, was successfully launched into orbit. The successful launching of Vinasat-2 is a significant event that marked a great move of Vietnam’s telecom industry.

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