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3G Internet Services
- MobileVNN a package for customers to use and Postpaid Mobile Broadband services of Vinaphone and one of the service packs or Fiber Mega VNN VNN VDC.

- Mobile Broadband (MB) is a service that allows customers to use computer terminals to support 3G mobile phone, Ipad, ... USB Mobile Broadband high-speed Internet access on the use of wave VinaPhone mobile anytime, anywhere.

- With MobileVNN service, customers can use the Internet in the case of out of coverage usually Internet service (MegaVNN, FiberVNN, WIFI) because MobileVNN services provide customers access methods via the Internet 3G technology. With the support of two data transfer modes at the same time, the Internet will always ensure smooth for the customer.

Services are provided from official 15/8/2010.
For advice and services MobileVNN registration package, customers please contact VNPT transaction provinces / cities across the country.
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