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Virtual Private Network VPN is a technology solution which allows setting a private network basing on the public network infrastructure by encoding mechanism, creating through and secure “virtual tunnels”. 
VPN was born to meet the demands of enterprises which want to maintain a private network between headquarters, branches and staffs working outside the company with low cost, stable and secure operation.
Benefits of VPN/VNN service
Advanced technology
Multi Protocol Label Switching is the newest technology which is applied in the most of developed countries (Japan, America, Singapore, etc.)

• Effective investment

  • Utilizing the processing capacity of MPLS core network equipments of VDC. Reducing investment cost of expensive equipments.
  • Satisfying point–multipoint model, allowing connecting to private network with only 1 physical channel.
  • Lower cost up to 50% compared with traditional technology.

• Safe security

  • Absolutely security on MPLS core network of VDC
  • Optimal security on private Leased Line (local loop)

• Easy to expand.

  • Only need to sign up more points connected to VDC without any added investment on the existing network when setting up more branches or transaction points.
  • Every connected configuration is run on MPLS core network of VDC, members of network do not need any configuration.

• Simplifying IT management

  • VPN management and establishment at MPLS core network of VDC will help maximum simplify the IT management in enterprise’s activities.
  • Receiving many supports from supplier.
  • Reducing investment cost of expensive and complex equipments.

• High-speed, multi-applications and QoS commitment

  • VPN MPLS allows data transfer up to Gbps speed through optical system.
  • Not only Data, but also full applications of current time as VoIP, Video Conference with the lowest lag.
  • Supplying abilities of speed commitment and minimum bandwidth (QoS)

• Reliability of service infrastructure and technology

  • Data communication infrastructure is promoted strongly by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunication Group (VNPT).
  • Trunk network of data communication 3x7.5Gbps North-Central-South.
  • MPLS core network infrastructure is set up by synchronous equipments of Cisco.
  • n x 155Mbps connecting network over 64 provinces and cities.
  • Direct connection by subterranean cable of private line.
  • More than 1Gbps connect NNI to big international partners in Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, America.

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