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Vinaphone offers ‘Family package"
Vinaphone, a member of the Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), has officially offered a new preferential mobile plan for pre-paid subscribers who are members of a family. When participating in Family package, service fee of all subscribers in the package will be charged to the account of group owner's subscription. This function is introduced for the first time in Vietnam

Subscribing to "Family package", mobile service cost will be deducted directly from the credit of the member who is registered as the leader of the family. Subscribers to the plan also enjoy many other preferential policies.

For example, the free 3G data allowance for the subscribers to ‘Family Plan’ is 47% higher than other mobile Internet plans provided by Vinaphone. The network operator also provides the leader of the family with a feature to set a limit of service cost for the members.

In order to subscribers to the plan, the subscriber who is supposed to be the leader of the family sends a text message with content of ‘DK GD’ to 900. Then, sending another message with content of ‘GD_TV_Password_Mobile No.1_Mobile No.2_... to 900 in order to register the family members.
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